About Hannah Systems //

Hannah Systems uses a
highly evolved self-learning AI

Combining a data sharing platform with advanced city analytics and leading-edge SimAAS (Simulation as a Service)

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) spend billions of dollars in test miles to train the driving model to be confident that the car has enough knowledge to drive itself. The goal is a better understanding of human driving, city infrastructure, and pedestrian behavior.

This does still not address the steep learning curve to translate the unique, cultural driving and pedestrian habits throughout cities all over the world.

AVs need easy entry and a comprehensive view of global cities for the advancement and acceptability which includes different cultural styles of driving unique to a country or city nor an understanding of localized events such as extra pedestrian around train stations or stadiums.


The Hannah team understands how to build systems. We are specialists in combining our knowledge of the intelligent traffic industry with our deep understanding of APIs, server technology, blockchain and emerging transportation technologies. We have pulled together experts experienced in integrating live data into city infrastructure and a deep knowledge of machine-based learning, soft-computing, traffic and 3D modeling and game engines. Our team recognizes that the future of transportation lies within autonomous and connected vehicles and it is our pursuit to deliver the most innovative and intelligent products to this industry.

Product EcoSystem
Hannah Product EcoSystem //

All of these Hannah technologies combined brings something really powerful to the industry allowing the next evolutionary step.

The Hannah portfolio of products addresses industry needs, for connected and autonomous vehicles, fleets and fleet-based apps.


Hannah Data Exchange Platform

This is the centerpiece of our portfolio, allowing for the first time encrypted data to be shared anonymously by all road users. AVs, connected vehicles, fleets and app-based fleets can share data using our mapping logistics software and behavioral AI bringing the most accurate and comprehensive view of the cities to the vehicles. In addition, new applications, universities and government departments can utilize and feed into the platform, enriching the overall user experience by improving the granularity of the data.

The Data Exchange Platform provides AVs, connected vehicles and app-based fleets access to data that is otherwise unavailable. Hannah’s portfolio of products lean on each other, sharing information and data across the platform, so that connected vehicles and fleets can benefit from travel time information, signal phasing, pedestrian information, topography and visibility of all road users.

Hannah Maps

Our unique map building IP delivers an unprecedented 12cm/4.7”, lane-level accuracy and includes topography and weather. Hannah Maps creates of a living, digital twin of the cities that is used to build modeling that can reduce travel time and mileage for delivery vehicles, enable connected vehicles to receive speed harmonization and makes all users more aware of pedestrian traffic.

Hannah Insight

We believe that our unique software, Hannah Insight can significantly reduce test miles necessary for AVs to achieve level 4 and 5 automation and represents the intelligence AVs need to navigate the world safely and efficiently.

In addition, Hannah Insight detects cultural variations of human driving and pedestrian behavior (i.e. driving habits of Tokyo are vastly different than Rome) using a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) that utilizes game theory risk analysis. Our system recognizes increased risk of jaywalking, speeding, less predictable traffic, aggressive/ higher risk driving as well as advanced notification of localized time-based events such as stadiums, train stations, and schools. It can also discern neighborhood level fluctuations in driving and pedestrian behavior and report incidents such as construction, accidents or special events.

Hannah Blockchain

Not just a buzzword, in our case it’s a preferred means of creating a distributed, scalable, decentralized architecture for authentication and uninterrupted communication with AVs.
Data is delivered to vehicles through encrypted Peer-to-Peer stream channels for low latency communication with road infrastructure and is safer and less susceptible to hacking and interference by leveraging the blockchain for its encryption and security.


Our Unique Offering

Proprietary deep learning that delivers perceptive level data, that allows the sharing of live, predictive road information and builds in human behavioral understanding of drivers and pedestrians.

  • Infrastructural data - Lane level mapping, topography, weather, traffic light phasing
  • Cultural Driving Habits – Detects higher proclivity for jaywalking, speeding, aggressive driving
  • Deep Learning Micro-Modeling - Utilizing gaming theory risk analysis to understand human behavior
  • Localized traffic fluctuations – Increased awareness of pedestrians and less predictable traffic behavior.
  • Travel time information, live congestion notification, predictive routing, left- hand turning, waiting time and incidents (accidents, congestion)
  • Data Agnostic (omnivorous) - Supports all data sources and transportation-based applications, AVs, Connected Vehicles, Fleets and Fleet based apps (FedEx, UPS, Uber, city bikes)
Product EcoSystem
City Detailing
Creating the details //

“Hannah Systems is a pivotal intermediary feeding information and intelligence to those creating the foundation of tomorrow’s cities”

Our platform delivers mapping and logistics as well as predictive elements using fuzzy-logic based AI including lane positioning, travel time, left/right turns, light phasing, waiting time and volume, resulting in efficient and more accurate travel through the city.

Today’s maps are optimized for assisting humans, resulting in an oversimplified and abstract representation of the world. AV’s have a new set of requirements and need a complete, centimeter-accurate depiction of the real world, containing all things relevant to road navigation such as topography, lanes, curvature and road boundaries.

Hannah Systems understands the totality of city, not just the vehicle and the sensors. We see the city in its entirety and can connect all road users.

City Detailing
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Connected Vehicles / Autonomous Vehicles Market //

Market Size in Numbers

The number of connected vehicles is set to explode over the near term


Of Vehicles Market is Connected (2018)

51,000,000 Vehicles

Cities Planning AV Pilots


Cities Running Pilots (2018)


Of Vehicles Market projected to be Connected (2022)

104,900,000 Connected Vehicles
7 T

AV Market Value

Estimated $7 trillion (2025) $2 trillon in USA
8 M

AV Produced by 2025

8 million AVs manufactured in 2025 with self-driving capabilities of level 3 or higher
  • Connected Vehicles (2022)

    Expected to be 80% of the Market (104.9m Vehicles)

  • Connected Vehicles (2018)

    38.9% of the Market

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Hannah Systems Team //

Experienced Team

One of the greatest strengths of Hannah Systems is our seasoned team with strong traffic management and city experience along with a complimentary corporate software development background and proven operations and marketing expertise. This team has over 100 years of collective experience building successful traffic management and software solutions.


Martin Mantalvanos


Recognized Leader in ITS, AI, Data Management and AVs with over 30 years experience building global teams as CEO & SVP of Sales.

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  • Lead startup Parking Partners to a favorable exit with PEEK Traffic (now Swarco)
  • Developed patented products based on €40M EU/ European Space Agency Technology grant.
  • Raised $8M in private equity to expand EU team and into U.S. in 2014.
  • 30 years building global teams.
  • 19 years dedicated to the city transportation/tech industry.


Kari Koskinen


20 Years in transportation engineering, AI, Product Design and Software Development.

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  • 20+ years of expertise in transportation engineering, AI, product design and hands-on software development.
  • Completed a thesis on Microscopic Simulators for Personal Rapid Transit Systems at Aalto University
  • Expertise in soft computing and AI traffic control for live environments.


Melani Ross


22 Years in Project Management, QA, Global Professional Services. Seed to acquisition expertise.

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  • 22-year technology career; Autodesk, Web.com, Gracenote
  • Diverse technical roles – Project Manager, QA Manager, VP of Professional Services
  • Seed to acquisition expertise: scaled Gracenote/Sony from 30 to 350+ employees
  • Expert in Agile development, DevOps and streamlining internal operations
  • Built teams implementing technology into 100M+ devices and automobiles for Apple, Samsung, Sony, Ford, Audi, Toyota, etc.


Paschal McGuire

VP Technical Design

25 Years creating dynamic visual virtualizations. Developed Hannah’s proprietary, lane-level digital maps.

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  • Paschal is a master of visual storytelling with over 25 years of expertise, creating dynamic visuals for gaming companies and corporations. Since 1999 Paschal has helped design, storyboard, animate, and bring to production final graphics for over 14 published AAA titles including Tomb Raider, Square Enix, and Nintendo flagship products.
  • At Hannah, Paschal is instrumental in designing the company’s dashboard and visualization tools to display granular, lane-level traffic information for cities and public agencies. Paschal has created mapping elements for Hannah that are more accurate than any GPS-based solution on the market.


Danh Le Phuoc

Chief Scientist

15 years in Databases, Data Science, Network Architecture, Pervasive Analytics and Cloud Computing.

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  • Dr Le Phuoc is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Technical University of Berlin (TUB). He’s working on Pervasive Analytics which includes Linked Data/Semantic Web, Pervasive Computing, Future Internet and Big Data for Internet of Everything.


Nicole DeMeo


Silicon Valley veteran with 20+ years experience. Accomplished business launch, growth and turnaround expert.

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  •  C-level contributor and go-to-market strategist creating significantly increased valuations, acquisitions, and IPOs.
  •  Marketing strategist for Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Carly Fiorina; Apple, HP, and Accenture; Glispa; Earlybird Venture Capital, The September 11th Fund, New York Community Trust.


Dr. Geoffrey Forster


An experienced Advisor and Advisory Board Member, to both start-ups and established companies focused on assisting teams to meet business and technology objectives during all business development phases.

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Dr. Geoffrey Forster has an Electrical Engineering Degree, specializing in digital signal processing software, from the University of New South Wales, and a Ph.D., specializing in business data analytics, from Southern Cross University. He is the author of the strategic management book, “Half Life”.

Geoff has worked with a number of large technology corporations, including Intel, Wind River Systems, IBM, and Fujitsu, to deliver business and technology solutions to a wide range of international clients, including Honda, NASA, DENSO, Siemens, Microsoft, NTT Docomo, and Verizon.


Mary McDougall


Technical Business Leader ready to assist with re-positioning, fundraising, partnering, M&A, and exits.

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High tech entrepreneur and corporate innovator experienced in all stages of business maturity and product lifecycle. Decisive, seasoned manager. Strong agent for leading change.

Strategic thinker and cross-functional leader with track record of driving action by defining and communicating a clear vision for the future, then enabling teams to make it happen.

Recognized for analyzing opportunities and solutions. Able to tackle complexity and operationalize business plans to grow revenue and create competitive differentiation.

Industry Glossary //

Glossary & FAQ

Industry Glossary and answers to our most commonly asked questions about Hannah Systems.

What is Hannah?

Hannah’s proprietary technology is a highly evolved self-learning AI that combines a data sharing platform with advanced city analytics and leading-edge SimAAS (Simulation as a Service)

What encompasses Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

  • Emergency Electronic Brake Lights
  • Forward Crash Warning
  • Intersection Movement Assist
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Lane Change Warning
  • Vehicle Turning Right in Front of Bus
  • Warning

Is Hannah data transfer secure?

Yes, it’s the best in the industry. Security is provided through blockchain based data encryption and distribution.

What are the 5 levels of Automation

(As explained by Isabel Harner – read her full article here )

Level Zero — No Automation

At Level 0 Autonomy, the driver performs all operating tasks like steering, braking, accelerating or slowing down, and so forth.

Level One — Driver Assistance

At this level, the vehicle can assist with some functions, but the driver still handles all accelerating, braking, and monitoring of the surrounding environment. Think of a car that brakes a little extra for you when you get too close to another car on the highway.

Level Two — Partial Automation

Most automakers are currently developing vehicles at this level, where the vehicle can assist with steering or acceleration functions and allow the driver to disengage from some of their tasks. The driver must always be ready to take control of the vehicle and it still responsible for most safety-critical functions and all monitoring of the environment.

Level Three — Conditional Automation

The biggest leap from Level 2 to Levels 3 and above is that starting at Level 3, the vehicle itself controls all monitoring of the environment (using sensors like LiDAR). The driver’s attention is still critical at this level, but can disengage from “safety critical” functions like braking and leave it to the technology when conditions are safe. Many current Level 3 vehicles require no human attention to the road at speeds under 37 miles per hour.

Audi and others have announced Level 3 autonomous cars to launch in 2018. An autonomous vehicle expert at Ford noted that they plan to take the company straight to Level 4, saying “We’re not going to ask the driver to instantaneously intervene — that’s not a fair proposition.”

Level Four — High Automation

At Levels 4 and 5, the vehicle is capable of steering, braking, accelerating, monitoring the vehicle and roadway as well as responding to events, determining when to change lanes, turn, and use signals.

At Level 4, the autonomous driving system would first notify the driver when conditions are safe, and only then does the driver switch the vehicle into this mode. It cannot determine between more dynamic driving situations like traffic jams or a merge onto the highway.

Level Five — Complete Automation

Last and least (in terms of human involvement), is Level 5 autonomy. This level of autonomous driving requires absolutely no human attention. There is no need for pedals, brakes, or a steering wheel, as the autonomous vehicle system controls all critical tasks, monitoring of the environment and identification of unique driving conditions like traffic jams.

What is Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) ?

  • Red Light Violation Warning
  • Speed Compliance
  • Curve speed compliance
  • Speed Compliance in Work Zone
  • Oversize Vehicle Compliance (height &
  • prohibited warning)
  • Emergency Communications and Evacuation
  • Information

What is Mobility?

  • Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk Warning
  • Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal System

Why the name Hannah?

We wanted to give a human feel to everything we do and Hannah was chosen to deliver that message.
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