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The Hannah Systems open data platform is the foundation for cities and companies looking to improve pedestrian safety, reduce emissions, streamline traffic and address the needs of the AV industry, without the need for personalized data.


Hannah builds the most powerful, real-time tools to power the future of our cities. We can deliver professional services to cities at a fraction of the cost. Our traffic AI combined with our unique object recognition software allows cities to count, measure and analyze lane-level detail 24x7, 365 days a year.


For the first time within the city landscape, this disruptive software can detect cars, trucks, buses, cyclists, and pedestrians including speed and geo-location with no additional installation cost and utilizing existing camera data 

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Introducing Hannah Systems

True Empowerment

Hannah translates and converts the images of CCTV camera data into object classification without reliance on specialized equipment. We add our traffic AI and geo-positioning (more accurate than GPS) to build a detailed virtual microsimulation model of every intersection. This creates dynamic machine-readable data that can be used by connected and autonomous vehicles. 

For cities, traditional studies of vehicle counts, movements and speed can be expensive.  With Hannah, our systems can run continuously allowing the city to see features and data that would normally cost a fortune and take considerable time.  If you have camera installed at an intersection we can start to deliver unique data sets immediately with no roadside installation.

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Our AI

We believe the future of AVs is dependent on vehicles having a deep intelligent understanding of cities from the minute they are on the road.

The Hannah AI is developed for the future of AVs, allowing the habits and cultural differences of cities and countries to be understood based on the data we collect. 

We see a future where AVs can be manufactured anywhere in the world and programmed with intelligence and understand to know the difference between driving autonomously in Zurich, Milan, Bombay, Helsinki, or San Francisco.

An AI that has an instant understanding of weather conditions, pedestrian habits, and other driver behavior.

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Our open data platform enables the analysis of traffic patterns and pedestrian activity, improving safety and reducing travel time, pollution, and congestion.

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Our Innovative Technology

  • Infrastructural data: high-quality, lane-level traffic flow data, traffic light phasing, geo-positioning 

  • Object classification: all vehicles and pedestrians

  • Deep learning micro-modeling: detailed virtual model of the intersection (Hannah traffic AI)

  • Localized traffic fluctuations: increased awareness of pedestrians and unpredictable traffic behavior

  • Data Analytics: real-time, predictive and historical traffic data

  • Data Agnostic (omnivorous): supports all transportation-based applications, AVs, Connected Vehicles, Fleets and Fleet based apps (FedEx, UPS, Uber, city bikes)

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The Hannah Systems Team

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Martin Mantalvanos

Co-Founder & CEO

A veteran business professional who is always looking for the next big challenge. Martin started Hannah Systems after recognizing the need for more open data and cooperation within the transportation industry.


With his passion for autonomous vehicles and expertise in traffic management, Martin strives to take Hannah to new heights. As a recognized leader in ITS, AI and data management, Martin has been navigating complex global transportation systems for nearly 25 years.

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Melani Ross

Co-Founder & COO

22 years across corporate management roles worldwide, she ably leads diverse teams of all levels. Her professionalism and strength coupled with her drive for visibility and transparency give Hannah the valuable insight and tools to grow and aggressively take on emerging industries. 


Her experience creating structures for software development and business operations have built a strong platform allowing Hannah to quickly scale products and services. Melani’s drive for cutting edge environmental solutions stems from her dedication to social responsibility and public benefit.


Robert Peters

Co-founder & CTO

21 years in technology with roles ranging from developer to strategic leader. Has scaled software companies from early-stage growth to millions of users and managed worldwide, virtual technology teams using agile development.


Domain expertise in machine learning, Java, Python, SQL, and non-SQL technologies brings a valuable skill set to Hannah as well as his experience in Academic/Research, Health and Finance industries.


Kari Koskinen

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

20+ years of expertise in transportation engineering, AI, product design, and hands-on software development.


Developed algorithms and platforms at Aalto University, culminating in a thesis on Microscopic Simulators for Personal Rapid Transit Systems.  Expertise in soft computing and AI traffic control for live environments and has designed deployments in Finland, Sweden, Ireland, and the US.

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Paschal McGuire

SVP Technical Design

A master of visual storytelling with over 25 years of expertise, creating dynamic visuals for gaming companies and corporations. Since 1999 he has been designing, storyboarding, animating, and bringing to production final graphics for over 14 published AAA titles including Tomb Raider, Square Enix, and Nintendo flagship products.

At Hannah, he is instrumental in designing the visualization tools that display granular, lane-level traffic information for cities and public agencies. The mapping elements he has created for Hannah are more accurate than any GPS-based solution on the market.

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Dr. Danh Le Phuoc

Chief Data Scientist

15 years of experience in databases, data science, network architecture, pervasive analytics and Cloud Computing.


A Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). He’s working on Pervasive Analytics which includes linked data/semantic web, pervasive computing, future internet and big data for the Internet of Everything. His value to Hannah cannot be underestimated allowing the company to scale to great heights through Danh's skills. 


Mary McDougall


High tech entrepreneur and corporate innovator experienced in all stages of business maturity and product lifecycle. A decisive, seasoned manager and strong agent for leading change.


Strategic thinker and cross-functional leader with a track-record of driving action by defining and communicating a clear vision for the future, then enabling teams to make it happen.

Recognized for analyzing opportunities and solutions. Able to tackle complexity and operationalize business plans to grow revenue and create competitive differentiation.


Nicole DeMeo


Silicon Valley veteran with 20+ years experience. Accomplished business launch, growth and turnaround expert.


C-level contributor and go-to-market strategist creating significantly increased valuations, acquisitions, and IPOs.


Marketing strategist for Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Carly Fiorina; Apple, HP, and Accenture; Glispa, Earlybird Venture Capital, The September 11th Fund, and New York Community Trust.





Dr. Geoffrey Forster


An experienced advisor and advisory board member, to both start-ups and established companies focused on assisting teams to meet business and technology objectives during all business development phases.

Dr. Geoffrey Forster has an Electrical Engineering Degree, specializing in digital signal processing software, from the University of New South Wales, and a Ph.D., specializing in business data analytics, from Southern Cross University. He is the author of the strategic management book, “Half Life”.

Geoff has worked with a number of large technology corporations, including Intel, Wind River Systems, IBM, and Fujitsu, to deliver business and technology solutions to a wide range of international clients, including Honda, NASA, DENSO, Siemens, Microsoft, NTT Docomo, and Verizon.


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